1. Unstable Fortress Building Techniques

    Was the reverse of our intent the true guiding steps? One feeding the other?
    A feed to one end and receiving the same thing on the other end. Yet we call it something different.

    Polar crossed outcome hunters.
    These,our guided destinations actually lead to each other. Before end point arrival, a systematic battle will draw sanity from their origin places.

    Where does the likelihood of successful ventures in this ever losing game of tug of war, become a sanctuary to some but a pavilion of punishment to the majority of those who tried.

    Every once and a while we must become endeared to our own actions.
    We must firmly put a place to set up our lives. Good or bad with our feet set into place a foundation will arise. Will it be one that others build unto it? Does our shaky bedrock have enough oomph to persevere through its own growth?

    Our hesitance finally whispered the solution at the end. Another lesser known afterthought we think of at end of night. These are lessons learned at the moments between sleeping and awake.
    No memory becomes distant connection points , we grasp for the grip that never seems to become tight into our hands.

    We forget these important lessons that our unconscious tell to our conscious.
    Those two have always acted like strangers to one another. You can tell they want more of each other. However when given the chance our unaware and aware parts of ourselves. We often scoff at one another’s action. They realize not that they each show the other what they are yet to be. Unheard of dreams.

    Will we have a new unthought of envisioning of destiny? Will we finally discover the teachers we have saught for thus far? The one we see and realize, oh it is he that I was to learn from.The thing we needed the most was never something that someone wanted to fulfill its role for. It seems that our teachers did not really want to be there in the first place. How are we supposed to find our place if those that guide us, have never placed themselves to journie points they wanted all along.

    Shatter the spectacle this large ego of ours has built up. Thinking ourselves a mighty fortress is quite a delusion a good many of us come to believe. In our operating manuals our shutdown levers are shown very prominently.

    Misappropriated goals are another way to us to fill the dreams others had for us.
    Scattered .about the rest of our intent,
    we must scavenge to see if something can be made from what remains of the unlikely souls we started with.

    There is a list never written from our own hand in our own beginning. Persons inside the ether exist in quite a profound way , that can only be described as divine attributes we thrust unto our own core being. Submerged characteristics are a common occurrence we see in ourselves. Ways in which we only wish we could accomplish.

    Now now quiet down ,our screening passion has become pacified by the very things we are told we cannot do.
    Another is rising of the thing we once though escaped. From the inner chambers we locked up tight to avoid the more damaging parts a life brings to the table. Without the damage where would we heal? Without healing no scars can develop from. No scars on ourselves leaves no stories to tell of what we made of the marks. Into the danger we proceed.

    Does it change anything that we know the end resolution will enact terror onto all it comes in contact with?

    Understand that you chose this even after warned .

    Is the laughter we had on our own circumstance another way for us to ignore the last glint of survival we have left in us?

    Will you make the same decision after this warning. This is a road you don’t go down the slightest. Stay far , far far away.

    See you at the block party next week remember you already RSVP . See how this works a warning strapped with an invitation in? Such cunning tactics we find here.

  2. tomhardyvariations:

    Locke is getting raves at Sundance. ”…compelling, genuinely moving, and suspenseful…a singular achievement.” www.vanityfair.com


    Tom Hardy Drives a Car For 85 Minutes, And It’s Mesmerizing

    Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival, Locke is a boxed-in thriller centered on one very charismatic Welshman.

    There are worse places to spend 85 minutes than inside a car with Tom Hardy, even he ignores you the entire time to make calls on speakerphone. This lesson comes courtesy of Steven Knight’s experimental Sundance entry Locke, during which Hardy does just that in real time without ever exiting his vehicle or speaking to another person face-to-face.

    And despite those somewhat extreme constraints, the drama is compelling, genuinely moving, and suspenseful. It’s a singular achievement for Knight, who also wrote the drama’s measured script, and Hardy, who manages to propel the story forward even though his butt is planted in the same position for an hour and a half.

    The film opens on Hardy, a construction manager named Ivan Locke, as he steps into his BMW S.U.V. and leaves a work site. During each phone call Locke makes, the audience slowly discovers more about Hardy and his late-night excursion via trickles of exposition. Knight carefully unfurls more stakes about why Hardy’s car ride is so urgent, why his family is so disappointed in him, and why the timing of his trip is so damning for his construction company.

    As the pressure on Hardy’s character mounts, the actor never resorts to showing his stress by going Nic Cage on us—raising his voice, banging on a steering wheel, or flipping off speeding passersby. Instead, he speaks in a Welsh accent so lilting and soothing that we would personally request it for our iOS if we lived in a future Her-type universe that allowed us to make these kinds of decisions. Even though he maintains composure (for the most part), and his position at the wheel for the entirety of the movie, Hardy, with Knight’s direction, is able to summon legitimate suspense thanks to the script’s snaking personal revelations, which are masterfully laid out.

    Locke made us think of another thriller starring a European hunk who finds himself captive in one location for the bulk of the movie—Phone Booth,starring Colin Farrell—and marvel how Locke was 10 times more engaging. Even without any snipers hitting toy robots and homicidal pizza delivery men.

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  4. Divining Rod

    Spellbinder of Complex Systems-Card 0

    Lessons learnt now howl chidingly

    Injoined in the hipbones they say was payment for such transgressions.

    A hindered circumstance we give forth as humbled sacrifice.

    Two minor roles are engineered to overcome the single action user.

    Excellent plans are set forth.

    Whispered doubt is the thing holding us back.

    This seems a backward journie.

    For it is something we had not asked tribute of.

    Our sincerest desires can only seem pale empty wishing wells to our desired dreams.

    A trivial encounter is prompting us to act as ourselves.

    Watch for the obstacle of falling vases.

    An accident course if I ever saw one.


    Manifest of Prophets-Card 1

    Bringing our items of which our hanging was set up for.

    As scarecrows we may be for coming disasters.

    These are our scrawn out passages.

    And it was the subtle quirk that was first noticed.

    Was the reverse of our intent the true guiding steps?

    One feeding the other.

    A feed to one end and receiving the same thing on the other end.

    Yet we call it something different.

    Polar crossed outcome hunters.


    Our guided destinations actually lead to each other.

    Before end point arrival,

    a systematic battle will draw sanity from their origin places.

    A sighful mystery that we received at ever Lent as a testimonial.

    A blanket haze hovered the remnant outskirts.

    Inert destinies we undenied and you wept at the majesty.


    Inside See You’s Card 2

    Innumerous aptitude was a silent gift that recycled itself.

    Bloom the side petal on to the point we dangerously get to toe the line.

    A pure facial change was something we get used to over time.

    Coming from least expected avenues,

    Guided was the intention we gathered.

    The tightly wound unraveling,

    a closed up defeat that never was.

    A quiet misstep that takes you a second to come back from.

    Every single defeat was a scar barren landscape you always thought it would be.

    Be wary of the unremembered injustices we have to end up repurposing.


  5. word-stuck:

    Yūgen (幽玄) is at the core of the appreciation of beauty and art in Japan. It shows that real beauty exists when, through its suggestiveness, only a few words, or few brush strokes, can suggest what has not been said or shown – hence awaken many inner thoughts and feelings.

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  6. Interrupting a part of you, lost or distant

    Quiet wrecking balls we are careening toward our lavish imagined reality.

    All we hear is the sound it makes swooshing across our landscape.

    After a little nudge of understanding, could it just be imparted to my reason treatment?Yelling to the top of my lungs had a garbled message that I left people with. The never knowing of how having a place to go home to. The never knowing has left me a bewildered masterpiece.

    Onlookers from below are laughing at our latent circumstance. A bitter sweet giving that is the remainder . When I was younger the understanding of what the weight from scales of judgment felt like on your chakra divisions, heavy indeed . You feel them inside, the imbalance that lay at the membrane of your heart. We walk with this thing inside us and we feel pity on our own selves.

    This was the beginning of our never concluding disaster recovery plan. The evacuation route have be tried and tested. Maybe this is the storm that I decide to stick out. A let down of magnificent parameters. Ports to our digestive tracks are clogged of its movement cycle.

    Go two miles left of the covered bridges and right past the mighty rise high sky line. You venture into a point you never saught. A dream not envisioned. Getting to the top of insured routes will take all that you want to keep out often experience. Suck into marrow to get the remains.


  7. howitzerliterarysociety said: Good Vibes from NorCal. Thank you kindly for clicking the dig it button. Dig your Kick. Sharp style. Best Regards, King Stimie

    Thank you kindly for the post good sir.  I had never submit anything to   anyone else apart from my book and last night I figured her what the hell. Trying to find new ways to express my inner journie has been interesting.  I enjoyed your momentous applications of thought provokers as well.  One could say you were as responsible for me submitting.  I saw your blog and felt the need to finally submit.

  9. People ask the question… what’s a RocknRolla? And I tell ‘em - it’s not about drums, drugs, and hospital drips, oh no. There’s more there than that, my friend. We all like a bit of the good life - some the money, some the drugs, others the sex game, the glamour, or the fame. But a RocknRolla, oh, he’s different. Why? Because a real RocknRolla wants the fucking lot.

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  10. eternallycoilingserpent:

    "To be a philosopher is not merely to have subtle thoughts, nor even to found a school, but so to love wisdom as to live according to its dictates, a life of simplicity, independence, magnanimity and trust."

    — Henry David Thoreau, Walden

    Such is life —

    All that we learn
    and yearn for
    is taken with our souls